TriumphFX Review 2022

However, the platform has made no effort to observe the set rules of the region. They are mainly targeting traders from Malaysia, Singapore, and United Kingdom. The company deals with forex, commodities, and indices trading. Therefore, you will make profits and sometimes losses. Legitimate platforms maximize the returns while minimizing the losses. You will also need adequate skills to thrive in the market.

Is PAMM account safe?

If they are well-regulated, then your PAMM account is certainly safe. When it comes to the software behind the account, profits and losses are distributed automatically, so there will be nothing to worry about there. Of course, any form of trading carries risk and there is no guarantee of profitability.

My friends & I, who have invested for over than 2 years in 3 fund managers with over than 40 withdrawals experience, are very satisfied with this investment company. It is also worth noting that the reviews about the broker are diverse. Therefore, it is not certain whether it is credible or not. The broker tries to simplify the terms of trade when it comes to the types of accounts.

So always be cautious and do your due diligence before trusting anyone with your hard-earned funds. The specific comment has been made in effort to test the efficiency of posting and fake reviews. The official creation in FPA review page for TriumphFX has been issued for approval to the admin team at 30th of July .


We do not present any investment advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information. So avoid fall into scammer website which name similarly triumphfx. For people that are asking why Vanuatu License was deregistered on May 2021, TriumphFx has already obtained Seychelles Financial Service Authority License since March 2021. Offices were already set up in Seychelles & license has already approved. SC Alert list is just to notify Malaysians that TriumpFX is not registered in Malaysia. This is true because TriumphFX is registered and regulated in Cyprus.

You will have to convince people the entity is worthy. For every person that signs up using your referral code, you earn a 5% bonus. There is also a residual referral commission for members that invite customers and they deposit $3000. The platform is using the uni-level compensation. You will be at the top of the referral chain radar.

And of course, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is about 2.5% fee or refunds depending on the direction of the position you take. Generally, fees or spread depend on the account type as higher grade accounts may feature some discounts, yet generally starting from 0.1 pip. And of course, always learn how to use leverage smartly in order not to fall under inefficient risks.

Why do most forex traders fail?

Overtrading. Overtrading – either trading too big or too often – is the most common reason why Forex traders fail. Overtrading might be caused by unrealistically high profit goals, market addiction, or insufficient capitalisation.

Infact, there are plenty scams such as Triumph Official, Triumphi Fx, Triumph Defi etc. Just because Triumph Global Asia Limited stood out to be a larger scam, many thought it is the same with TFXI. Understand that both are licensed and regulated, Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries pivot point prediction respectively. SGD 10 referring to UOB bank SG, my other friend using DBS seems lower than 10sgd fees from her calculation. Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Republic of Seychelles as a “Securities Dealer” bearing license number SD080.

If you face any challenge it is impossible to contact the firm. If you are still wondering whether this is a safe option, you can cancel the contract at any given time. Don’t just take our word for it, they are also rated 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot by users just like you, so feel free to check them out later. For those who want to join and upgrade their investment strategy, Yield Nodes is the solution. TriumphFX is a platform thriving in discreteness.

Withdrawal not received

When I want to do the Internal Fund Transfer, it comes out the message “The selected Login is Invalid” although the login is valid. Similarly, when a member wants to do Internal Fund Transfer to my account, it shows the message “The selected Login is Invalid”. Could you please resolve this issue for me? My support ticket is #358108.Thank you in anticipation.

triumphfx scam

At levels 1 and 2 you will earn a commission of 20%. Level 3 and 4 rewards are 10%, Level 5 and 6 commission is 5%, level 7 and 8 reward bonus is 3% while level 9 and 10 commission is 2%. Thanks to the ingenious of Stefan Hoermann and his team. With master-noding, you invest and let the platform do the rest for you. It’s a new way of generating revenue by providing technology that relies on a proof of stake approach. According to the Malaysian Securities Commission, TriumphFX even opened an illegal firm in this country and used it to present itself as a legitimate domestic firm.

Dont believe all the fake reveiws listed on here. I have had 2 support tickets open for 3 weeks regarding some missing deposits! Conveniently no body from TFXI has been in touch to assist me in any way whatsoever. I have also emailed them and they still havent responded. Investors should also stay away from anonymous brokers.

Really happy with my experience so far

It is still unable to withdraw even I change to another fund team. The platform is a Ponzi Scheme, which refers to the use of “principle of value multiplication”. By calling common person’s desire axitrader review for money, fraudsters in the platform begin raising funds underground. Since this kind of platform mostly will abscond after 1 or 2 years, the fund-raising mode just can exist less than 3 years.

triumphfx scam

If you’re thinking about trading online, DO NOT join triumphantexchange. I joined in February and when I wanted to make a withdrawal they blocked my Acc and asked me for 10 percent deposit again before. When I asked to call the operator by video, they used a video of someone else through another phone but with no voice. From its established TriumphFX main aim was to democratize Forex trading and make it available for any investor, despite his experience or amount of money. Equips profitable services to all its customers. The company does not request compensation to recent customers and taxes a withdrawal fee of $3 or more.

The major problem with scammers is they will leave you high and dry. TriumphFX does not care about clients’ security. Walk away from the exposed scheme while you still can. has been in the market since January 2008. It is enough time for the venture to provide trading performance.


FPA received same moment this post “test” review. The official FPA response is that the website and all information of TriumphFX will need minimum 3 working days for the website of TriumphFX to be ready. However FPA acted in our opinion in an unprofessional way, as they breached their own deadlines and posted all information and “test” review prior it’s explained starting date. TriumphFX welcomes new traders to test out its systems themselves.

triumphfx scam

The broker boldly states the Financial Service Authority of Seychelles approves their services. They even feature a license number on the website. The broker shares the profit generated by the fund manager with traders. Indeed, this range is rather limited, so if you wish to trade Stocks, Futures or more Commodities check out other regulated broker multibank exchange group review reviews better. TriumphFx is a reliable CySEC regulated broker with a good trading platform, costs, and easy account opening also various funding methods are supported. TriumphFX is a Cyprus brokerage firm that provides access to quality trading and investment solutions through its fully regulated environment and competitive conditions.

TriumphFX is a company with a warning from Singapore, and Indonesia financial agencies. Investing in the scheme exposes you to severe risks. Turning a blind eye to them will only result in unfavourable results. The company is managed by a lethal group of scammers.


We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. All reviews are published without moderation. Daily Earn and Daily withdrawal Without any restriction. It means any person that is linked to the person you invited will benefit you. It creates some kind of infinite reward.

Broker is highly impressive to numerous users because it requests a rapidly, comfortable, and sensible procedure for making Forex and important metal exchanges of all ways. Please provide your bank account details by replying to this ticket to process refund. Due to this there might be a little longer delay in processing the withdrawals of our valuable clients.

I found that every bad review were being covered up with fake 5 star reviews to maintain their ratings. Why don’t TFXI put more effort in their customer service instead. Honestly speaking TFXI really the worst broker among so many brokers I’ve been using, especially with their poor customer service. Totally zero response from their support. Who the f will continue to use a forex broker while the issues are not being looked into and even leave their funds inside. Last month I was so worried no income due to COVID19 in UK.

We are committed to the fair handling of reviews and posts regardless of such relations. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. It’s helping me reduce my financial burden every month and I can have more time to spend with my family .

The major advantage of the dealer is that the outlet requests an arrangement of academic materials. This suggests that you can commence as a student, moderate, or even progressive dealer and understand along the path. This massage shows they are scam and they were ready to steal my money. You are receiving this ticket because your account has been highlighted as ABNORMAL TRANSACTIONS in accordance with our Order Execution Policy.

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